Bendix is Australia’s leading innovator of brake technology brought to the Philippines

It’s this ongoing commitment to advancing our technical knowledge that sets us apart from everybody else. Bendix ensures that all its products are rigorously tested under local driving conditions. Surprisingly, most other brake manufacturers do not.

You see, at Bendix, we don’t cut costs on research and development or quality control,which is probably why we are still the most trusted name in brake technology. It is a position that we do not take for granted. We constantly strive to improve and update every single Bendix product through innovative solutions and advanced testing. Which means that you can fit Bendix brakes with confidence, every time.

Bendix Brake Shoes are Triple Tested for proven performance!

Test 1: Stopping power under extreme braking stress Bendix Brake shoes perform at FF rated .39μ to .42μ even at 300°c.

Test 2: Noise and Dust management; B8E6-170, based on % stops over 70dB, Bendix is superior in generating less dust and quiet operation.

Test 3: Strength and durability, in the strict ISO 6312 test Bendix Brake Shoes exceeded the shear strength requirements of ECE Regulation 90, the European standard.

Bendix Brake Shoes are the brake shoes that you can trust to perform well on our roads, again and again. And again. Bendix Brake Shoes are one of the only brake shoes that have been formulated and thoroughly tested for all driving conditions. You don’t need to look anywhere else for the best results and safety for the road ahead.

Bendix Brake Shoes outperform other brake shoes in lifespan, noise and dust reduction and most importantly, pure stopping power. Especially in extreme driving conditions. Bendix has introduced the Triple Tested quality control system to the Bendix Brake Shoe range, so you can be sure of a high standard, every time. They are the brake shoes that you can rely on. Full stop.