The new Bendix Heavy Duty pads belong on every people carrier, van and pickup in the country. It’s an automatic choice.

They’re made from a specifically developed compound formulated to deliver real heavy duty performance for all sorts of load carrying situations whether it’s the demand of stop and go and high traffics situations. Bendix Heavy Duty brake pads are ideal for heavy use – in fact, any situation involving frequent braking under load.

The pads also come with an exclusive insulation layer between the friction material and backing plate for cooler braking and longer rotor life.

Saves you time & Money

Better brakes with better value. Leaves more value and more money in your pocket.

Heavy Duty offers longer pad life, improved fade and improved rotor life.

They deliver a consistent pedal feel all day long.

A wide coverage of references to suit cars and light commercial vehicles on road.

For every brake job you do, you can save 10 minutes of bedding-in time. Three brake jobs a day means 30 minutes a day or at least 2.5 hours a week.

Bendix Noise Absorbing Shims.

Bendix noise absorbing shims are designed to effectively prevent the transmission of vibration and noise from the brake pad by reducing the effect of the dynamic forces generated during braking.

The material construction utilises advanced Fibre Impregnated Rubber Steel technology making the Shims impervious to a wide range of climates, salt, water, oil, while providing excellent noise damping and vibration isolation. Because each noise absorbing shim is specifically designed by Bendix to each brake pad type, they will continue to absorb vibration and reduce noise for the life of the brake pad.