Bendix Ultimate brake pads are specially formulated to offer high friction, high temperature tolerance and measurably better performance across a range of braking conditions.

They have exceptional stopping power giving you shorter stopping distances and a significant resistance to brake fade at high temperature.

Ultimate pads are recommended for fitment to front and rear to maintain balanced driving, for sports, performance and prestige vehicles. There is a reference to suit most high performance and prestige cars. Ultimate pads are totally responsive to your driving style and provide total control. They offer excellent pedal feel and are ideal for energetic driving styles, competition and high speed touring and freeway driving.

Proven & tested under high performance braking conditions

Bendix Ultimate is tested using High Performance Certification (HPC). Under these standards, Ultimate delivers proven reduced stopping distances, excellent pedal feel and tolerance of extreme temperatures to provide total control.

Bendix Ultimate has been rated in lab and road tests against leading brake pads from around the world. The results are outstanding on every level. Ultimate consistently performs under all conditions delivering solid pedal feel from the first stop to the last with minimal fade.

Bendix Noise Absorbing Shims.

Bendix noise absorbing shims are designed to effectively prevent the transmission of vibration and noise from the brake pad by reducing the effect of the dynamic forces generated during braking.

The material construction utilises advanced Fibre Impregnated Rubber Steel technology making the Shims impervious to a wide range of climates, salt, water, oil, while providing excellent noise damping and vibration isolation. Because each noise absorbing shim is specifically designed by Bendix to each brake pad type, they will continue to absorb vibration and reduce noise for the life of the brake pad.